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I'm in need of special new meds, and I'm opening fast cheap special commissions! 

3 deviants said examples: Portrait 1: Bianca by ForunthPortrait 4: Undyne by ForunthPortrait 3: Ronyhle by ForunthPortrait 2: Muffet by Forunth
2 deviants said Special 10$ commissions! 9 slots left by Forunth


-25 % off commissions and other things

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2015, 12:58 PM

Since I'm back on deviantart, and I moved forward with many drawings, I can start some new ones. And considering I barely have anything to eat lately... I'm not trying to fish for anything! If you would like me to work for you, I would be grateful to death and I would do my absolutely best to satisfy you. 
Open options:
:star:Bookmark - 15$ if you would like bookmark to be double sided (have two pictures on both sides) it's 2x15$
Bookmark 12: Apsara by ForunthBookmark 11: Shamrock Serenade by ForunthBookmark 2: Marceline the Vampire Queen by Forunth
:star: Mini chibis - 8$ 
FNAF chibis 4: Human Chica by ForunthFNAF chibis 3: Chica by ForunthFNAF chibis 12: Human Mangle by ForunthFNAF chibis 11: Mangle by Forunth

:star: Portraits- 20-35$ depending on how detailed character is and picture size
Winter Juniper by Forunth
:star: Chibi page, countains 7-11 characters- 55$
Girl power! by ForunthCafe ~Tips and Tails~ by ForunthNew Magic Words by ForunthNew Magic Words part 2 by Forunth

:star: quick portrait SPECIAL! 10$
Hecate by ForunthAmi by Forunth

:bulletred::bulletredIf anyone would be interested, first 2 people get -25% discount off total order!:bulletred::bulletred:

Also thank you for everyone who supported me lately!

Hello everybody! I've been inactive for very long time, I'm so sorry if some of you tried to contact me through dA. I didn't have connection at my place, and I could only keep contact through skype on my old phone. I tried to speed up, and finish as many pictures as I can, and I believa I'm on a good road to this. 

I know some of people were upset that I disappeared, that's why I want to explain what happened in my life. I don't want to sound like attention whore, or try to get compassion and support through sad sob story, I just wanted to write this journal so people would understand more why i was inactive. 

As some of you know I have damaged nerves in spinal cord which causes arm and hands pain. Some days I felt really good, but on some days I could barely get up from bed, all I could do was to lie down and cry because of pain. Last months pain got much worse. I had to stop drawing for some time, because sitting bent over the drawing was tiring my back and caused more pain. Also at the time I had really shaky hands because of all this. Lately I got strong medications that help me alot, and I try to exercise at home to feel better. 

Other thing that happened was something that scared me shitless. I live with my boyfriend in small flat. He went out to buy something, and he was away for like 2 hours, I started being kinda nervous, but he sometimes likes to go to the other site of the city just to get one thing, he likes long bus rides, it's relaxing for him, so I though maybe he will be home soon from his "expedition". Well then I got text from him saying "I'm in hospital, I had epilepsy attack." Well you can imagine how I felt then, I went to hospital to help him with everything. He had many wounds on his face, because he fell on it at the bus stop, he was all swollen and bruised and broke two teeth. Doctor said that attacks may happen again. Since then attacks happened 3 times, but at home, and 2 of them when he was in bed, so it wasn't that bad. Anyway at the time I was in lots of pain and he was in constant danger of fainting and spasming anywhere. We are both much better by now. 

Because of both mine and his hospital visits, special medications and tickets to get to hospitals my financial situation got much worse, and some of you know that it wasn't good before either. I literally started to not have enough money for food. And I couldn't go online and open for example special commissions because I didn't have connection, and I didn't upload old commissions yet. 

Last thing that happened and totally was like a stab in guts was my dog's cancer. Lucky is 15 years old, he's old doggie, but I love him more than anything. He's really important to me. One of his finger started being swollen and he licked both fur and skin off it. He litterally had bare meat there. Veterinarian that we went to told us that it's something liek fungus, and ointment will help. We went to him few more times, but he kept saying that it's nothing serious. During month and the half tumor became the size of tennis ball. Imagine tennis ball attached to finger on dog's paw, it's gigantic. We decided to visit better and more expensive doctor then, and when we went into the clinic he immediately said that it's cancer and he will have to amputate Lucky's finger or even whole paw. At this point he was in SO MUCH pain that he looked like almost dying dog, we had to carry him, because it was too painful for him to walk by himself. We were worried how operation will go, because old dogs have high risk of not waking up from narcosis, but it turned out to be great. They amputated only one finger, and now he's almost completely healed. He's 15 years old, which is very old for a big dog, but because he's not in pain anymore he acts like a tiny puppy! He wants to cuddle and play, we got brand new dog thanks to amazing veterinarians. But it wasn't only good. Operation, vet visits, shots, x-ray, medicines, bandages etc have costed me over 450$ So imagine how that drained my budget, when I didn't have enough money to even buy food for dinner. I don't know how I did it, but we paid everything. I prefer not to eat myself but to have healthy dog than other way around. 

Anyway, I'm sorry if some of you will think of me as attention whore or something like that. or maybe some of you will think that these weren't any serious problems. But believe me, I had really hard time and I still struggle with money problems. I wanted to write honest journal so people that felt ignored will understand more that I hadn't possibility to answer them. 

If someone feels like I made all of this up, I'm attaching some photos of my boyfriend after accident and my dog before and after amputation, so you see that I'm honest.
By the way, photo where my dog have white bandage on his paw, do you see where bandage is kinda dirty because of blood? This is when tumor was 70% big, and you can see how big it was then.

Thank you all so much for reading this, and many people for supporting me. I will try to be more active from now on, and to keep in contact with people. Thank you for everything, and I'm sorry for anything I've done wrong to any of you out there. I hope you will understand my situation.


Oh, also if you want, my commissions are open~ As I said, my situation is really crappy so I would love to work for someone, especially when I'm almost done with all old commissions. LINK: Commissions

Also, check out my newest drawings, I put lots of effort into them
Hollow by ForunthFae by ForunthConsolation Prize: Ciao-7 by ForunthACEO 156: Hecate by ForunthACEO 155: Helena by ForunthBookmark 12: Apsara by ForunthBookmark 11: Shamrock Serenade by Forunth

Mature Content

Doctor Princess by Forunth

Mature Content

Some like such coldness by Forunth
FNAF chibis 1: Foxy by ForunthFNAF chibis 2: Human Foxy by ForunthFNAF chibis 3: Chica by ForunthFNAF chibis 4: Human Chica by ForunthFNAF chibis 5: Bonnie by ForunthFNAF chibis 6: Human Bonnie by ForunthFNAF chibis 7: Freddy Fazbear by ForunthFNAF chibis 8: Human Freddy by ForunthFNAF chibis 9: Golden Freddy by ForunthFNAF chibis 10: Human Golden Freddy by ForunthFNAF chibis 11: Mangle by ForunthFNAF chibis 12: Human Mangle by ForunthFNAF chibis 13: Toy Freddy by ForunthFNAF chibis 14: Human Toy Freddy by ForunthFNAF chibis 15: Toy Bonnie by ForunthFNAF chibis 15: Human Toy Bonnie by ForunthFNAF chibis 16: Toy Chica by Forunth

pixel chibi by TheAvies
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