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I was commissioned to do series of cards of humanizated drinks. Here's result!
ACEO 82: 'DRINK ME'- Ice Tea by ForunthACEO 83: 'DRINK ME'- Milk by ForunthACEO 84: 'DRINK ME'- Water by ForunthACEO 85:'DRINK ME'- Soda Pop by ForunthACEO 86:'DRINK ME'- Tomato Juice by ForunthACEO 73: 'DRINK ME' -red wine- by ForunthACEO 80: Green Tea by ForunthACEO 81: 'DRINK ME' Strawberry Juice by ForunthACEO 76: 'DRINK ME'- ABSINTHE by ForunthACEO 74: 'DRINK ME' -coca cola- by ForunthACEO 92: 'DRINK ME'- Raspberry Juice by ForunthACEO 93: 'DRINK ME' Pumpkin Cream Drink by ForunthACEO 94: 'DRINK ME'- Orange Juice by ForunthACEO 95: Frappuccino by ForunthACEO 100: 'DRINK ME' - Love Potion by ForunthACEO 99: 'DRINK ME'- Hot chocolate by ForunthACEO 96:'DRINK ME'- Grapefruit Juice by ForunthACEO 97:'DRINK ME'- Pina Colada by ForunthACEO 98: 'DRINK ME'- Tea by ForunthACEO 101: 'DRINK ME'- Rum by ForunthACEO 108: 'Drink Me' Blueberry BubbleTea by ForunthACEO 120: 'Drink Me' - White Wine by ForunthACEO 119:'Drink Me' - Mountain Dew by ForunthACEO 121: 'Drink Me'- Lemonade by ForunthACEO 127: 'Drink Me'- Carrot Juice by ForunthACEO 128: 'Drink Me' Watermelon Slush by ForunthACEO 129: 'Drink Me' - Sake by ForunthACEO 130:'Drink Me'-  Yoghurt Drink by ForunthACEO 135: 'Drink me'- Life potion by ForunthACEO 134: 'Drink Me'- Red Tea by ForunthACEO 133: 'Drink Me'- Pepsi by ForunthACEO 132: 'Drink Me'- Hot chocoa by ForunthACEO 137: (Don't)'Drink Me' - Poison by Forunth

Time for some sexy stuff!

:C: My Faithful Student by ForunthRarity by Forunth:C: The honest truth by ForunthRainbow Dash by ForunthFluttershy Pin Up by ForunthPrincess of the Night by ForunthPrincess Cadance Pin Up by Forunth:C: Equestrian Princess by ForunthQueen Chrysalis Pin Up by ForunthPrincess Peach by ForunthMorrigan by ForunthWhite Queen by ForunthBirthday Rezila by Forunth


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:iconcommission-bazaar: :icontraditionalchibis: :icontaleofautumn: :iconnewsha-ghasemi-fc:

Well, I want to tell you something guys! Why amazerbeta is horrible person. 

7 deviants said So watch out for him.
4 deviants said Well, that's cheating.
2 deviants said He tried to cheat in our contest to get money we offered.
2 deviants said Look what now he's done. I screenshotted it in case he will delete it.
2 deviants said Bitches for sale. by amazerbeta
1 deviant said He posted a journal, and he wrote that he will pay 30:points: to every person that enters our contest.
1 deviant said Me and RaisloverSakura disqualified him, we were polite, but we told him that his entry won't qualify after what he's done.
1 deviant said
1 deviant said He called our characters "bitches for sale" And description of his deviation is now "Fuck honest hearted people"
No deviants said And he told people to BE SURE for entries to be WORSE than his, because he wants to win.


Monochrome speed drawings (for females only) Portrait/bust
Ashira by Forunth
Autumn by Forunth
Eda by Forunth
Alicia by Forunth
Victoriana the Cog, steampunk Witch by Forunth
Eskella by Forunth
Pick one female character and one color

Hello there!!!

Start date: June 9th, 2014

End date: October 1, 2014
Music Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Theme: Draw our two slaves together!
Commission: RaisloverSakura by AnxiousGrumbler(Example)
Erinel & Night N' Gale: (Character Refs)
May- Erinel by ForunthIn my dungeon by ForunthACEO 51: You're mine, Erinel by ForunthErinel by Daemla
Bullet; PurpleERINEL INFO:
Bullet; Purplerace: Dark elf
Bullet; Purpleeyes:gold
Bullet; Purplehair:White, with violet/purple ends, fringe/bangs
Bullet; Purpleclothes: Usually simple fantasy like dresses, sexy stuff when being with her master
Bullet; Purpleskin:warm purple
Bullet; Purplepersonality:Shy and teasy at the same time
Night'N'Gale by ForunthNight'N'Gale by Forunth[Cm] Night N' Gale by Harpiya:C: chibi Night N' Gale by NeMi09
Reference Sheet Found Here
Music Race: Human
Music Eyes: bright blue
Music Hair: Black with Blue/violet tips
MusicClothes: She wears violets and aqua colors mostly. Lots of gold jewelry. Fantasy sexy attire.
Music Skin: Pale Porcelain 
Music Personality: Nighty is very shy and insecure. She does not like her situation as slave and wants desperately to be free.
Music Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Entries must have both characters in it!!
Bullet; PurpleYou can submit up to 3 (Three) deviations if you so choose. But you may only win one place (i.e. if you win first place you can't win second or third, vice versa)
MusicYou can enter the contest even if you are a donator, just please note if you donate something and you win that prize, I will not compensate something for that prize slot!
Bullet; PurpleYour work can be either traditional or digital, if there is something else you want to do, just let me know and I will let you know if it's accepted or not. 
MusicPlease no photo manipulations, and non-human entries will not count (sorry).
Bullet; PurpleThe artwork has to be YOURS No doll makers or anything where you use someone's base (sorry I don't find that as "original").
MusicArtwork must be new and created solely for this contest! Don't recycle an old artwork for this >.<
Bullet; PurpleAbsolutely NO tracing is allowed! If you use stock/textures, please credit accordingly!
MusicPLEASE ensure that you include a link to the contest, and please link the character to us , as they are our Original Characters!
Bullet; PurpleContest must have 10 entries to be considered valid! We will not judge a contest if there are 5 entries! Thanks for your understanding!
MusicMature content is allowed! Just make sure it complies with DA's rules!
Bullet; Purple Absolutely NO extreme hentai! Characters can be sexy towards viewer or one another but no Lesbian/hard core interaction. Disregard to this rule will cause an immediate disqualification!
MusicYes! You may change their outfits/attire! Just keep their important features the same!
Bullet; PurpleWe will note the winners after the contest is over! If we do not hear back from  you within 7 (Seven) days you will forfeit your prizes and we will choose another winner!

Music Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (BlkPur) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Singing1st Place Singing
-10$ through paypal, or equivalent in points
-Hand Jewelry Chain (photo to come soon)
-800 Points from Forunth
-400 Points from RaisloverSakura
-Mini Chibi from Forunth
-Full A4 Drawing from Forunth
-Bookmark from Forunth
-1 waist up and 2 headshots from Yui-Desu:new:
-headshot sketch by Solceress:new:
- one original character design sheet from Abakuu:new:
-custom chibi from KFoxDoodles
 Mini cuties from RaisloverSakura
- 3 Paper Doll Busts from RaisloverSakura
-Simple Journal Skin from RaisloverSakura
-Custom Animated Stamp from RaisloverSakura

-Pixel icon from BirdHime
-Feature from Forunth
-Feature from RaisloverSakura
-Feature from ALMEAD
-Feature from TaleOfAutumn

Singing 2nd Place Singing
-300 Points from Forunth:new:
-200 Points from RaisloverSakura
-Mini Chibi from Forunth
-Bookmark from Forunth
-headshot sketch by Solceress:new:
-1 waist up  from Yui-Desu:new:
-fullbody colored drawing from Abakuu:new:
- 2 Paper Doll Busts from RaisloverSakura
-2 Mini cuties from RaisloverSakura
-Simple Journal Skin from RaisloverSakura
-Custom Animated Stamp from RaisloverSakura
-Pixel icon from BirdHime
-Feature from Forunth
-Feature from RaisloverSakura
-Feature from ALMEAD
-Feature from TaleOfAutumn

Singing3rd Place Singing
-200 Points from Forunth:new:
-200 Points from RaisloverSakura
-Mini Chibi from Forunth
-Bookmark from Forunth
-headshot sketch by Solceress:new:
-1 headshot from Yui-Desu:new:
-one fullbody lineart from Abakuu:new:
- 1 Paper Doll Busts from RaisloverSakura
-1 Mini cuties from RaisloverSakura
-Simple Journal Skin from RaisloverSakura
-Custom Animated Stamp from RaisloverSakura
-Feature from Forunth
-Feature from RaisloverSakura
-Feature from ALMEAD
-Feature from TaleOfAutumn

Should you have any questions feel free to contact either of us! Or comment below! Heart
If you would like to donate we would be very flattered! Comment either of us and let us know what you'd like to donate! 
Thanks for looking and best of luck! La la la la
:iconforunth: + :iconraisloversakura:

Contest Entry: Open Your Mouth! by kinga-saiyansWelcome back, Masters by FaunaVThe Slaves by Iconorcontest entry forunth by Livuletta

Image (c)AnxiousGrumbler

Erinel (c) Forunth Night N' Gale (c) RaisloverSakura


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